Welcome to the Open Upload Project

Open Upload is a PHP application to create a private / public file download server similar to MegaUpload or RapidShare.


Open Upload has been designed to be extendable
These are the main features:

  • Access control by groups
  • Template Driven
  • Internationalization
  • Vast Database Support (MySQL, Postgress, Flat file)
  • Multiple user authentication backends (database, LDAP, AD)
  • Plugins to control file upload/download limits / functionality (password protection, captcha, email, banned IP,...)


Stable version 0.4.2 - 2010.11.20
This is a security BUG update. Please upgrade!! Read the UPGRADE document.
Click here to download.
OLD Stable version 0.4.1 (secrity flaw) - 2009.08.28
This is a bug fix release. Though also introduces mssql support and Brazilian Portuguese translation.
Please test and report bugs.
Click here to download.
Old Stable version 0.4 - 2009.04.18
I'm pleased to announce the availability of the new Open Upload version.
Major changes are:
  • New logo
  • Setup script, and settings administration
  • Rights administration improvements
  • Plugin options now can be configured
  • PostgreSQL support
  • Upload progress
  • Multiple file upload/download
  • Added plugins: Maximum File Size Limit per Group, Compression, Expiration date
Please report bugs ...
Click here to download.

Old 0.3 release - 2008.12.06
Release 0.3c
Click here to download.

Mailing Lists

There are 2 mailing lists now. 1 for svn commit tracking, and one open for general discussion.
To report bugs, get support, or simply let me know how you are using this software click here.


To checkout SVN of Open Upload, type the following command into a terminal or similar program:

svn co https://openupload.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/openupload/trunk openupload

For more information on SVN, see the Open Upload SVN Page

Want to Learn More?

For more information on Open Upload, see our Project Page

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